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Best artificial intelligence training course in India

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is a very popular course and a part of multiple specializations. It introduces the basics of AI and how AI can be used in various industries. It can be taken by everyone whether developers, managers, executives or students.

Looking to learn Artificial Intelligence skills? One of these AI courses, certifications or training programs will help you gain proficiency and prepare you for a promising career in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Courses for Beginner

Courses for Intermediate

Courses for Advance

Courses for Expert

Artificial Intelligence jobs are surging demands all across the globe. It is going to expand as AI would be in every field and make it better for human beings to work together and grow all together. Employers need AI to manage a lot of work right from development to research to innovation to designing. So, the AI career looks promising, and it will be huge in the upcoming years. That’s why the world needs more capable people who help automate the system and build smarter systems.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India and Abroad

Traditional computers work on the input/output basis – you get output based on what you input. All the works done by computers today are basically the results of inputs. Artificial intelligence aims to change this. It is going to save the companies a huge amount of money every year. The takers for AI will come in droves. Even in its nascent stage, many reputed companies like Amazon or Facebook have already started implementing AI-based systems. The demand for AI (and hence AI experts) will increase phenomenally. Especially in the initial years, the demand will be greater than supply. And this is not what is expected in India only but globally too.

Today, more and more companies in India, especially, those located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurugram and the NCR are trying to adopt artificial intelligence in a big way. It can be a safe, quick and cost-effective solution for companies.

The scope for growth for Artificial Intelligence is expanding every day. Naturally, one can build a glittering career around it.

There are various career options and jobs available in the domain of AI. Here are some of the major positions which one can apply for. 

The list is as follows:

The course is entirely designed by the industry experts and all the entire Wait no more and join the AI revolution by skilling yourself up with the help of Alankaar computer Education & AI. A bright future is waiting for you! Start your journey now!


Here are some of the top online courses in AI:
How do I become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer?
What can I Expert from the Artificial Intelligence Course?
1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
2. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
3. Data Science with Python for AI
4. Machine learning for AI
5. Data Science with R Programming for AI
6. Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow for AI
7. Natural Language Processing for AI
8. Advanced Deep Learning and Computer Vision for AI
9. Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence course will give you an insight into AI tools and methodologies to prepare you for success in your role as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer. The industry-recognized certification from IBM and Simpleness will attest to your new skills and on-the-job expertise. The AI certification course will train you on Python, Machine Learning techniques, including data reprocessing, regression, clustering, and Deep Learning methodologies and its applications using TensorFlow.

As a part of this AI certification training in collaboration with IBM, you will receive the following:
1. Lifetime access to e-learning content for all of the Artificial Intelligence courses included in the learning path (*only for Simplilearn courses)
2. Industry-recognized certificates from IBM (for IBM-AI courses) and Simpleness upon successful completion of the program
3. Access to IBM cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson and other software for 24/7 practice

Upon completion of the following minimum requirements, you will be eligible to receive the certificate that will testify to your skills as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

1. Learn in-person from renowned MIT faculty and leading industry practitioners
2. Learn essential concepts and skills needed to develop effective AI systems
3. Understand the challenges posed by AI in the workplace
4. Apply cutting-edge, industry-relevant knowledge in machine learning and AI
Network with an accomplished group of peers from around the globe

The Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence enables you to:

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