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Google Updates SEO New Algorithm 2021

Google features an extended history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshes. Below may be a history of the main Google search algorithm updates. Our coverage of those updates is often can be found after the timeline.(Google Updates SEO New Algorithm 2021)

2021 is here and holds a lot of important changes and updates in terms of algorithms that Google uses for the fairest and most qualitative ranking of websites in its results.

Throughout the year Google is consistently making updates to their algorithms, which causes rank fluctuations within the search results. So far In 2019, Google has already unrolled several confirmed core algorithm updates.

Below you’ll find an up-to-date summary of the confirmed and unconfirmed updates with additional resources understand the character and impact of those changes.

JUNE 28, 2021

On June 28th, Google announced on Twitter, that they had released part two of the spam update. Google also confirmed that the update took one day to complete.

The Rank Risk Index did not report any unusual ranking fluctuations.

On Jun 29th Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported that the update went live. He also reported a low level of industry chatter.

June 23rd Spam Update

Confirmed Update

JUNE 23, 2021

Starting on June 23rd, the Rank Risk Index tracked moderate fluctuations on both desktop and mobile.

On the same day, Google announced on Twitter that a spam update had been released and confirmed that it was completed that day.

On June 24th, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported a small amount of industry chatter.

Google Page Experience Update

Confirmed Update

JUNE 15, 2021

On June 15th, Google announced on Twitter that the Page Experience update begun slowly rolling out. Google stated in the tweet that the update would be completed by the end of August.

In keeping with the slow nature of the update, the Rank Risk Index showed a record low level of fluctuations on the 15th.

On June 16th Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported that the update went live.

June 2021 Core Update

Confirmed Update

JUNE 04, 2021

On June 3rd, Google announced on Twitter that the June 2021 Core Update was released. A day later, the Rank Risk Index reported dramatic fluctuations which lasted until June 6th.

On June 7th Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported on unusually low levels of industry chatter.

April 30th Unconfirmed Update

Confirmed Update

APRIL 30, 2021

Likely another quality tweak. At MHC we had a few clients with minor changes at this time. RoundTable reported significant chatter about wild fluctuations in traffic. Barry Schwartz speculated this update could be connected to the Product Reviews update as many sites affected were also strongly impacted during its rollout. However, as we have mentioned a few times, we feel that many sites that thought they were impacted by the Product Reviews update had nothing to do with Product Reviews. Most likely Google made other quality changes at this time as well.

Product Review Update

Confirmed Update

APRIL 09, 2021

On April 8th Google announced the launching of the Product Review update which is specifically focused on product review content.

Starting on April 9th, the Rank Risk Index reported a massive spike in ranking fluctuations both on mobile and desktop. The volatility carried through to April 11th and settled by April 12th on desktop. On mobile, the fluctuations carried through to April 13th.

Fluctuations resumed on April 15th and died down on April 18th on both Desktop and mobile.

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported on the update on April 9th.

Passage Ranking Update

Confirmed Update

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Starting on February 9th, the Rank Risk Index began tracking a massive spike in rank fluctuations on both desktop and mobile that carried over to February 10th. Google confirmed on Twitter that Passage Ranking went live on February 10th for queries in the US in English.

On February 12th Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable reported that Passage Ranking went live in the US and that surprisingly chatter was low after February 10th.

Why you should pay attention to this algorithm update

The fact remains that the new page experience metrics should be taken seriously by developers and all those involved in optimization strategies to improve search rankings.

To begin with, if your user experience is seen as being in the top bracket, visual cues will guide consumers and browsers to your page over the others.

Google itself is pretty clear about the increased weight age they’re going to give to page experience. After all, a terrific page experience lets people get more done and increases engagement.

It seems evident that those pages which fall below the new benchmarks are going to be left behind in the rankings. This means a significant drop in traffic.

Google already considers hundreds of aspects to determine rankings. The inclusion of page experience lets them guide people, so they can access information more easily and enjoyably.

For site owners and others, understanding these signals and making the necessary changes should be a priority.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your page being ignored. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

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